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The Two Hardest Parts of your Book Proposal

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An Excuse to Buy More Books

Highlights from Last Week's Panel for BIPOC Authors

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Upcoming Panel: What BIPOC Authors Need to Know

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17 Anxieties About Pitching an Academic Book

Sheer Anxiety

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My New Book Proposal Program

The Essential Building Blocks of an Academic Book Proposal

Do You Really Have to Give Book Talks?

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Proposals That Don't Work and Proposals That Stand Out

Going Outside My Comfort Zone

Q&A: What If A Press Approaches You About Publishing Your Dissertation and Wants to Move Quickly

Book Proposal Development Grants

The Easiest Way to Get Your Book Proposal Rejected

Book Promotion from the Inside

Can You Help Me With Something?

What Happens At Your Publisher After You Submit Your Final Manuscript?

Q&A: All About Book Promotion

Last Call: Webinar on Developmental Editing for Academics

How to Get Feedback That's Actually Helpful

How to Tailor Your Book Proposal for Different Publishers

Q&A: What to Do After a Rejection

Six Things You Should Do After Finishing Your Dissertation

Editors, coaches, and consultants — what's the difference?

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Answers to Your Questions about the Book Proposal Accelerator

The Next Session of the Book Proposal Accelerator

Between Advance Contract and Final Draft

New Workshop: Outstanding Academic Book Proposals

Fighting Visibility

Hi there, just following up...

Taking a small break for something fun

Q&A: More on comps, following up with editors, and whether it's terrible if your editor leaves your press while your book is under review

Announcing Book Proposal Development Grants

Are you sure you know what a "trade publisher" is?

Q&A: Following up, making changes, and comparable works

Negotiating an Offer from a Publisher

Forget Goals