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A Template for Your Response to Reader Reports

Responding to Reader Reports

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To Mention Your Dissertation or Not

Prefaces and Introductions

What to look for in a developmental editor

Some Manuscript Works Housekeeping

The 4 Basic Audiences for Scholarly Books

A Cringe-Worthy Author Faux Pas

On Simultaneous Submissions

Last Chance to Join the Book Proposal Accelerator

Editors are People Too

The Top 5 Problems of Style

Are You Good Company?

An August Update

How Long Should Your Book Be?

Don't Convert Your Diss into a Book

Demystifying Author Platform

Pro Tips for Competing Titles

Comps Are Not A Lit Review

There's No One Right Way to Write a Proposal

Titles Are Tools

Perspective from an Acquiring Editor

2 Tips for Outstanding Chapter Summaries

Bye-bye, Methods & Literature

Upcoming Sessions of the Book Proposal Accelerator

Strong Arguments Make Strong Books

Wishful audiences

Who is your book *really* for?

First Is Not Always Best

A Book Proposal Is Not a Defense

Book Proposal Brainstorm Sessions

FAQ about Scholarly Press Fit

Identifying Target Presses

How to Email an Editor (Without Being Annoying AF)

Book Proposal Accelerator Updates

How to Prepare for a Career Shift to Academic Editing

When to Bring in a Developmental Editor on Your Academic Book Project

Is Your Book Academic or Scholarly?

Landing an Academic Book Contract

Finish Your Academic Book Proposal This Summer

How to Describe Your Academic Book Project

Revisiting the 7 Mistakes I Made When I Published My Academic Book

My Standard Template for Book Introduction Chapters