Workshop Tomorrow + Pop-Up Enrollment for the Book Proposal Shortcut

Hi Manuscript Workers,

This is just a short newsletter to let you know two things. First, enrollment will close tonight for my workshop happening tomorrow, Set Up for Publishing Success.

If you’re a planner or (over)thinker when it comes to your work (hello, that’s me too), I think you’ll resonate with this workshop very strongly. It covers

  • how the academic book publishing process works

  • how to figure out which presses you should be submitting to (and how many)

  • when and how to introduce yourself to editors

  • whether you should be trying for an advance contract or not, and more.

You’ll come away from the session with more concrete ideas about your publishing plan, tailored to your unique goals and timeline.

If you’re not so much of a planner—but haven’t been having as much success as you’d hoped for so far in your publishing journey—this workshop will help you pinpoint where things may have gone wrong and get your approach back on the right track.

All registrants will receive a recording, transcript, worksheets, and handouts; you don’t have to attend live if you’re not available tomorrow at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern).

Register for the workshop here

The second quick announcement is that I’m going to be re-opening enrollment for my Book Proposal Shortcut program for just a couple days, starting right now and closing Sunday night.

The Shortcut is a self-paced program that guides you step by step through writing your scholarly book proposal and planning your pitch, with bonus tips and pep talks along the way. It’s designed to expedite the process of getting your proposal done so you can have it ready to go within a couple of weeks, or work on it in very manageable chunks over the course of the semester.

If the beginning of the semester has brought you to the realization that you don’t have time to mess around with trial and error on your book proposal this year, the Book Proposal Shortcut is for you.

Enroll in the Shortcut here

During this brief enrollment “pop-up” the price will still be discounted (with an extra discount for registrants who don’t have institutional funding). The next time I offer it will be in January 2022, at the regular price.

If you sign up for the Book Proposal Shortcut this weekend, you’ll be eligible to attend my publishing Q&A sessions on October 1st and December 3rd (you’ll automatically get email invitations to these sessions). These sessions are just for alums of my Accelerator and Shortcut programs. During the calls we supportively dig into any specific issues or situations people might be facing as they try to get their books published. No question is too obscure to tackle!

If there’s anything you want to know about the Shortcut or the workshop tomorrow, don’t hesitate to ask. You can reply to this email and it’ll come straight to me. Feel free to share with a friend as well.

Have a great weekend if you can!