Worksheet Nerds, Rejoice

It’s October! I’m on my month-long reading sabbatical! I’m technically not working right now, but I’ve planned this month of newsletters as a series of gifts from me to my fellow process geeks. Get ready for worksheets, flowcharts, and handouts!

This week’s offering is the set of worksheets I created to guide you through the process of drafting a book proposal and preparing to pitch it to scholarly publishers. I made these worksheets to accompany the 20 steps laid out in The Book Proposal Book, but you don’t have to buy the book to get the worksheets. They’re right here:

Download the complete set of worksheets PDF (printable, not fillable)
Download the complete set of worksheets Word doc (fillable)

If you start working through them and find you’d like a bit more guidance, The Book Proposal Book is always there for you, in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. :D

I also have a quick favor to ask, while you’re here. As I’ve said here before, I know that not everyone needs or wants a book about how to write a book proposal and get their scholarly book published (and that’s fine). But for those who do want a book like this, I want to make sure they’re at least aware that The Book Proposal Book exists.

For better or worse, Amazon is where a lot of people find out about books. Some readers even use the site like a search engine. While I don’t support Amazon’s monopolistic and exploitative practices, I recognize that if I want people to know about the resources offered in my book, I’m going to have to play Amazon’s game. Therefore, to increase visibility for The Book Proposal Book on that platform, I’ve set a goal to get 50 ratings and 25 reviews by the end of the 2021.

This is where you come in. If you’ve found The Book Proposal Book helpful and think other scholars should know about it, would you pretty please consider posting a rating or review on Amazon? (I don’t think you need to have bought the book on Amazon to leave a review, as long as you have some kind of purchase history with them.) Your review doesn’t have to be long and involved. A few words to help Amazon’s algorithms understand that they should be showing this book to people would be great. And I’ll be so, so grateful!

See you next week with some more PDF goodies!