Too Busy to Write a Book Proposal

Hi Manuscript Workers,

If you are experiencing total burnout and exhaustion, even at the beginning of the semester, you’re not alone. If you have the ability to put off working on your book or book proposal for another few months, I fully encourage you to take advantage of any flexibility and give yourself a break (and you can stop reading this email right here).

BUT if you do want to get a book proposal done—yet feel you don’t have time amidst everything else you have going on—I just want to gently put it out there that my Book Proposal Shortcut for Busy Scholars was designed with exactly your situation in mind.

This program isolates the “need to know” material from all the other resources I’ve come up with (including The Book Proposal Book and this newsletter) and gives that info to you in super manageable, quick modules that can be completed one per week or just whenever you’re able to squeeze them in.

The idea is to take what probably seems like a big, daunting item on your to-do list and break it up into things that don’t seem so bad. Plus you’ll get a few extra tips on how to make your proposal stand out from the sea of submissions editors are getting right now and some micro pep talks to keep your morale up at every step (we all need pep talks, and these ones are practical and non-cheesy, I promise).

Enrollment is open through tonight, and then it will close again until January 2022 (and I’ll stop talking about it for a while).

If now feels like the right time for getting your proposal ready to show to publishers, you can learn more about the program and sign up here. If not, I’ll hope to catch you next time around!