New Workshop: Outstanding Academic Book Proposals

Hi Manuscript Workers,

Just a quick newsletter this week to share that I’ve launched a new workshop! It’s called Outstanding Academic Book Proposals, and it covers the main things first-time (and experienced) authors need to know when pitching book projects to academic publishers.

There’s a 90-minute version, which includes an explanation of the acquisitions process for scholarly books, a rundown of the key components of the scholarly book proposal (and why they’re there), common mistakes authors make, and tips to make your proposal stand out from the pile of other submissions editors are receiving. There’s also a half-day (3-hour) version, which additionally covers how to select target presses, when and how to approach acquisitions editors, creating a personalized submission strategy, and the ever-urgent question of how to make sure your book pitch doesn’t sound like you’re shopping an unrevised dissertation. Both versions of the workshop include time for participant questions.

For now I’m offering the workshop online only and only in partnership with hosting institutions. If your department or institution would like to host a workshop, please get in touch. I have some spots open in April and May. My current fee for the 90-minute workshop is $1500; the half-day is $3000. I’m also open to booking in September and November, if you’re already thinking ahead to programming for the fall.

If there’s enough interest, I may offer the workshop independently as well. I think the recommended fee would be $50 but I would absolutely consider a pay-what-you-can model if I could get thirty-ish people to sign up at the full rate. If I were to offer it in August, would you sign up? If you’re interested and want to be notified if I decide to do it, you can reply to this email and I’ll put you on my list. :)

You can also share this newsletter (or the flyer above) with anyone you think might be interested, like whoever programs your departmental events. Thanks!