How to Identify the Press You Should Publish With

I’m still on a month-long reading sabbatical for the rest of October, but I hope you’ve been enjoying this month’s series of newsletters containing some PDF freebies designed to help you through the process of pitching your book project to scholarly publishers. (Check out the archive if you’re new and want to access the previous freebies.)

This week’s offering is a one-page handout I originally designed for the challenge I ran in August, called Find the Perfect-Fit Publisher for Your Scholarly Book .

Download a full-size PDF of the handout here

The full 5-day challenge broke down the process captured in this handout into five individual steps and gave a bit more guidance on each part of the process of finding and ranking target publishers.

Should I run the free 5-day challenge again? Maybe in late December, once people are done teaching? Reply to this email and let me know if you think I should!

In my two previous newsletters, I shared that I’ve set a goal to get 50 ratings and 25 reviews for The Book Proposal Book on Amazon. We all know the problems with Amazon, but it’s also where a lot of people discover new books. It’s also the most viable option for readers in some locations to order books published by US university presses.

My whole reason for writing The Book Proposal Book was to help more scholars get a leg up in academic publishing, so it’s super important to me to make sure people are aware that it exists. That’s where your ratings and reviews come in — when you leave a review (even a brief one!), it helps Amazon know who to show the book to and it helps prospective readers understand how the book can be useful to them.

A huge thank you to Roseanne, Charis, Lisa, Lauren, and the other anonymous readers who’ve left a review so far. I truly appreciate it.

If you’ve found The Book Proposal Book helpful and think other scholars should know about it, would you pretty please consider posting a rating or review on Amazon? (I don’t think you need to have bought the book on Amazon to leave a review, as long as you have some kind of purchase history with them.) Much gratitude in advance!

See you next week with some more PDF goodies!