Book Proposal Brainstorm Sessions

A new service from Manuscript Works

Today’s edition of the Manuscript Works newsletter is just a quick announcement that I’m now offering a new service for scholarly authors: Book Proposal Brainstorm Sessions. These are one-hour video conferences or phone calls in which you can ask me anything about your book proposal or the process of getting your book published with a scholarly press. I can also read any proposal materials you have in advance of our conversation and give you a quick rundown of the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch. I know the idea of showing your in-progress work to a stranger can feel terrifying. The thing about talking to me is that I’m friendly and there is literally nothing at stake. I do not have the power to grant or deny you access to a book contract; I will just give you straight talk about what you need to do to make your case to the people who do have that power.

A Book Proposal Brainstorm Session is a cheaper alternative to a full book proposal evaluation with me. The other bonus about it is that I don’t require a lot of advance notice — if you email me today, we can set something up for as early as next week. (For most of my other services, I’m currently booked through the end of 2019. Watch this space to find out when my books will open up again for scheduling in 2020.) If you’re interested in booking a Book Proposal Brainstorm Session, you can find out more here, contact me here, or just reply to this newsletter (your message will be private).

I try to keep the straight promo posts in this newsletter to a minimum, so I’ll dip out now. Hope you’re having a great weekend, and see you Monday for more good stuff from the book proposal accelerator!