Book Proposal Accelerator Updates

Hi friends! It’s been a quiet couple of weeks for the newsletter, mostly because I’ve been cooking up a few things in my office, including getting ready for the Book Proposal Accelerator I’m running this summer from June 10–August 30.

If you missed it the first couple times I announced it, you can get all the details here.

I’m writing today with a few updates about it:

Due to demand, I’m upping the enrollment cap from what I had initially expected and making a couple tweaks to my original plan in order to accommodate that larger number of participants. These tweaks will mainly affect the live office hours I had planned to hold 4 times throughout the Accelerator. The first tweak is that I’m upgrading to a different video conferencing platform that will be able to host more attendees at each office hours session. The second tweak is that I’m increasing the number of office hours to make sure that everyone gets a chance to ask their live questions during an office hour. I’m not sure how many sessions that will work out to yet, but we will see how it goes. If we run out of time for everyone’s questions the first week, I’ll do one the following week, and continue this pattern, holding an office hour every week if it turns out that’s what the group needs. In this way, I’m hoping that an increased number of participants will actually translate to more value for everyone, because we’ll have even more opportunities to learn from each other.

The other fun update is that the level of demand has enabled me to hire a professional graphic designer to help me with the materials I’ll be sending out to Accelerator participants each week. And those materials will now include ~*~*~*worksheets*~*~*~! I can’t be the only one who gets irrationally excited about worksheets, right?? I love those little checklist pads from Knock Knock and Best Self, because they make me feel like accomplishing tasks on my to-do list is actually fun. We’re going to try to bring that feeling to the steps of researching and crafting an academic book proposal. It’ll still be work, but it might feel less tedious if you have a bunch of cool sheets to write it down on? Join us this summer and find out!

The Accelerator starts officially on June 10. I’ve started sending out the prep materials to those who have already enrolled, so if you too want to get a jump on things, go ahead and sign up! As always, let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues, students, and friends.