An Update on Friday's Panel Discussion

On What BIPOC Authors Need to Know About Academic Book Publishing

Hi Manuscript Workers,

Last week I shared the registration info for the free panel discussion I’m hosting this Friday, November 12th, on “What BIPOC Authors Need to Know about Academic Book Publishing.” You can find the full description and info here.

Interest has been high, which is great — we’ve currently got about 460 people registered to attend. The catch is that under my Zoom webinar plan, the maximum capacity for attendees is 500 people, so it’s looking like interest is going to exceed capacity, which is maybe not so great.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I was already planning to make a recording and transcript of the panel available for free to everyone who registered, so I’m just going to tweak that a bit and make the recording and transcript free to anyone at all, regardless of registration status. If you’re subscribed to this newsletter, you’ll receive the links to those downloads in next week’s newsletter post, whether or not you registered for the panel or were able to attend live.

If you’ve already registered for the panel and are not a BIPOC author and/or you know you won’t be able to attend live on Friday, I’m asking you to please unregister yourself to free up space for BIPOC authors who are eager to attend the panel live. You should be able to cancel your registration here.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to seeing so many of you on Friday!